Teaching Tuesdays

Teaching Tuesdays – I Thought I Would Be More Natty!

Today is my birthday.  My cough 50th Birthday!?!?!?   And I am nearing the end of my 22nd year as an educator.   

I thought I would feel differently, look differently, behave differently. I remember  starting my career and listening to veteran teachers and thinking I will never be so cynical, frumpy, grumpy and judgmental (ha ha).  I would be, should be, hip and smart…i.e., natty

But the truth is…I am far from it and I am OK with that.   Here is what I am…I am a problem solver.   I am usually tired and if not tired, then frazzled,  I am a constructivist who often relies on behaviorist tactics.  I am a learner.   I am sometimes a leader.   I am flexible,   I often worry I give more time to my students than my own kids.   I am loyal and dedicated.  

Does any of this give me natty status? Am I where I should be as a educator? As a 50 year old woman?   I will let asomeone younger be the judge of that.  

 Several years ago I heard a motto that has stuck with me.  

Don’t should on yourself and don’t should on others!

As a present to myself, I am adopting as my own…natty or not!

Teaching Tuesdays

Teaching Tuesdays – An Elixir…

…for this teacher heart.

Spring Break, in my opinion, is the best of all breaks.   In the past I might have said it was the unexpected snow day.  But nine of them in one month?  Well, that is just wrong and has entirely ruined their reputation.

There is something about Spring Break that is magical and restorative.   It is an elixir.

This may sound strange, but I like to stay home over my breaks.  Travel is nice and all, but when I do this over break, I never feel like I have had a break when it is time to return.

So here is my recipe for the perfect Spring Break Elixir.

  1.  Select a good book.  This year I selected And Still She Laughs by Kate Merrick.
  2.  Find some new podcasts…and listen to your regulars.  I recommend:
    • The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk
    • TED Radio Hour
    • The Wired Educator Podcast
    • Life in 22 Minutes
    • Instructional Coaching Corner
    • The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey
    • Confessions of a Farm Wife
    • Tch Talks
    • Mormon Channel Daily
    • Disney Story Central Podcast
    • Half Size Me
    • Talks with Teachers
    • The Cult of Pedagogy
  3.  Make a chore chart and listen to those podcasts while you are working away.  IMG_0961 Don’t forget to schedule in some me time.
  4.  Take a walk in the evening.
  5.  Take some photos. 
  6.   Spend LOTS of time with your family. 
  7.   REPEAT

I hope your Spring Break is an elixir for your teacher heart.

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