Teaching Tuesdays

Teaching Tuesdays – I Thought I Would Be More Natty!

Today is my birthday.  My cough 50th Birthday!?!?!?   And I am nearing the end of my 22nd year as an educator.   

I thought I would feel differently, look differently, behave differently. I remember  starting my career and listening to veteran teachers and thinking I will never be so cynical, frumpy, grumpy and judgmental (ha ha).  I would be, should be, hip and smart…i.e., natty

But the truth is…I am far from it and I am OK with that.   Here is what I am…I am a problem solver.   I am usually tired and if not tired, then frazzled,  I am a constructivist who often relies on behaviorist tactics.  I am a learner.   I am sometimes a leader.   I am flexible,   I often worry I give more time to my students than my own kids.   I am loyal and dedicated.  

Does any of this give me natty status? Am I where I should be as a educator? As a 50 year old woman?   I will let asomeone younger be the judge of that.  

 Several years ago I heard a motto that has stuck with me.  

Don’t should on yourself and don’t should on others!

As a present to myself, I am adopting as my own…natty or not!

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