Farm Life Fridays

Farm Life Fridays – She Calls to Me

Every morning I drive by her and imagine who she was and what she will become.  

She begs me to come and spent some time (and money). To clean away the cobwebs, sure up walls (scratch that – I want to shore up walls instead) and expose all her hidden features.  

“Be patient,” I tell her.  “Our time will come.”   

Wednesday is my last day at work…Thursday I am meeting with the plumber.

This summer I will show her all the tender care she deserves.  She, I hope, will respond in kind.

I am beyond excited!!!!

4 thoughts on “Farm Life Fridays – She Calls to Me”

  1. It sounds like a new beginning for you this summer. Love how this was so gracefully and poetically written. I hope the rebuilding goes well and the place becomes a cozy and warm one 🙂 You never know how beautiful a place can look until you give it a good clean over and fix what needs to be fixed. Good luck and most importantly, have fun 🙂


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