Sacred Sundays

Sacred Sundays – My Mom

I cannot recall a single childhood memory of snuggling with or hugging my mom…not a single memory!   The images did not develop.  Still I know the moments were there and my mom was, and still is, a constant presence in my life…guiding, coaching, and cheering me on!

So these memories are a tribute to her!

I remember her noting that she was largest with me when I mentioned how fat she looked in this photo taken 3 weeks before I was born:

And that I was her biggest baby.

She taught me to be humble, to forgive and not take things too personally.
Perhaps my earliest memory is of her taking my cousin, my younger brother and me to the church to take our picture with our Raggedy Ann’s.  I can vividly recall her lining us up against the church wall and my 3 year old self squinting into the sun!

She taught me to appreciate gifts from others, to take care of my belongings, and to capture specials moments.
I remember her taking us visiting or having visitors squeeze into our tiny kitchen. We kids would play while our moms would visit.   Occasionally, the children would try to listen in, but we would be given a pat and told to go play.   

She taught me to be a loyal friend, to relax and enjoy time with friends and family, and to keep confidences.

I remember becoming a hormonal teenager and her taking me dragging main, on long car rides and to the Wagon Wheel to have a Coke…anything to improve my mood.

She taught me things are never as bad as they seem, nothing tastes better than a fountain Coke with crushed ice, and to show up and be there for others.

I remember her having a phone conversation with her sister, Dixie, every morning. One time while she was on the phone my little brother and I were taking punches at each other and using her as our shield…we finally stopped when we noticed she was crying.   

She taught me to value and build family relationships, that it is ok to show vulnerability,  and to love unconditionally.

She made sure all my needs were met and went out of her way to help me realize my wants.   I miss her, but know she is and always will be present…guiding, coaching, and cheering me on!

Happy Mother’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Sacred Sundays – My Mom”

    1. Lol….I was in such a bad mood that day…serves me right that I look so sour in the picture. Mom, Sandra, and Donna look beautiful. Miss going to Grandma’s!


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