Math Mondays

Math Mondays – A Farm Problem

So I have a real-life problem from our farm and I am wondering how to make it a three act task.  (If you are into organic farming you might want to look away…as I just said this is a real-life problem 😉 )

Dan Meyers describes these type of problems as tasks happening in three acts.

Act 1:  You introduce the central conflict of your story.   (Make it visual…use as few words as possible.)

Acres and acres of weeds

Act 2:  The student looks for resources, asks questions and develops new tools…to overcome the problem.

Notice I said students, but for now I am just going to tell you the tools we have and the question we asked.

TOOLS:  200 gallon tank on a sprayer with a 30 foot span, 19 sprayer heads, each sprayer head disperses treatment at 0.36 gallons per minute, 3 pints of weed killer per acre, and the intention to drive 3.5 miles per hour

Our question:  How many pints of weed killer do we need to add to the 200 gallon tank?

Act 3: Resolve the conflict…and set up for a sequel.

                My work and Greg’s work

We both got the same answers.  YAY!!!!  And both used dimensional analysis…I love using dimensional analysis.

So what would be appropriate photos for acts 2 and 3?   What about photo 1?

And what would be a sequel?

And actually now that I think about it…it would be interesting to see the questions, resources and tools the more organic minded folks would ask/use.

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