Farm Life Fridays

Farm Life Fridays – Floods, Trucks, and Other Old Stuff

The Snake River is high!   We knew it was coming, but we hoped that some how it wouldn’t.  Yesterday we had to take a look.  IMG_3184

The drainage ditch, the outlet to the river is now acting as an intake and is overflowing into the lower fields.  I know there are others who are worse off, but this will set us back and will change our plans.  IMG_3195

It is upsetting, but even with the setback we are in love with this place.  I mean just look at this beautiful field.  We are so thankful for the blessing of being the caretakers.  IMG_3209

In addition to the fields there are all the cool things to discover and photograph.  I am not sure why, but old stuff…OK…I will just saw it…Junk makes my heart sing.

Just look at this truck.

Or the side panals of an onion truck and the old threshing machine.

There are so many things to discover!   I am sure if the education gig does not work out for me, I can always manage a junk yard.  But then again, maybe not!?!?  I think you have actually sell the stuff to make a go of it.

3 thoughts on “Farm Life Fridays – Floods, Trucks, and Other Old Stuff”

  1. Hi Wendy – Popping in from Red Dirt Farm to say hello. Wishing the waters to recede for you. Mother Nature is a hard one, and beautiful too. Your place looks amazing. Your photos are lovely and I especially love the old trucks and equipment. I like rusty and old. Wishing you the best. Kim

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    1. Thank you popping in Kim. And thank you for the inspiration from your farm. I have been day dreaming all day about a little road side stand. And the cheery color scheme on your house…I love it right down to those red lights!

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